La Biznaga Restaurant Urbanization Mare Nostrum Nº23 Salobreña Beach - Granada

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Restaurant La Biznaga

La Biznaga is a restaurant located in Salobreña village of Granada, one of the most visited of all the tropical coast.

In this friendly environment and the beach, can enjoy a wide range of varied dishes that show the Andalusian taste and typical of this land.

La Biznaga Restaurant has a team of professionals with over 20 years experience in the industry, which may provide a service in several languages, if they prefer.

Our meat and fish specialties noted for their unique flavors, as only they are unbeatable in this corner of the tropical coast.

In La Biznaga Restaurant may find the salt and the texture naive, that the palate does not recognize if they are not enjoying a good fish along the shore.

History of "The Biznaga": Jasmine after Jasmine.

The biznaga is an unusual flower, its origin is not a particular plant, but several of them. It is a rarity as unusual usually like and attractive in the midst of a making with such beauty.

The birth of the biznaga emerges through human hands, especially the biznaguero which is responsible to go slowly composing different parts of the biznaga.

For this purpose, the biznaguero, months before the summer, should be collecting the plant that will make the biznaga skeleton, it is picked when still green and closely resembles a wild cardoon. Once done, the biznaguero have to peel removing the leaves and branches left over, to leave only the main stem with the plume of spikes at the tip. Then let it dry until it is stiff and a beige color, I cut the stem so that it is the desired size and will do the same with the tips to allow you to enter the jasmine.

The last step will be to collect with care every jasmine and go fill one of the biznaga with jasmines.

All bets are off when this jasmines turned into big ant great biznagas look as if to escape the biznaguero's hands.